Friday, June 4, 2010

Filet o' Fish and It's Impact on Overfishing

Every day, millions and millions of people all around the globe step into the golden arches, the fast food restaurant that we all know as McDonalds. Many people go up to the counter and politely ask for the Filet-O-Fish sandwich. These people are simply looking forward to enjoying a fish sandwich. Unfortunately, this sandwich is causing the overfishing of an innocent New Zealand fish- the hoki. Every single year, McDonalds alone uses 11 millions pounds of hoki. Other restaurants, such as Long John Silver’s and Denny’s, use hoki as an ingredient in some of their foods as well. As for the hoki, it is an endangered species and the World Wildlife Fund has expressed concern over the amount of overfishing that is occurring on the hoki.. So the question is, is it really worth hurting a species of fish and its ecosystem so Americans can eat an unhealthy fish sandwich? That’s up for you to decide, but we can tell you this much. “We’re not lovin’ it.”


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